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Raleigh Discrimination & Harassment Lawyer

We assist both employers and individual employees with the numerous varieties of discrimination and harassment in the workplace, based on all federal and state statutes, such as Title VII (race, gender, national origin) the ADA (disabilities), ADEA (age), Equal Pay, Pregnancy, FMLA (medical leave), REDA (discrimination based on the filing of safety or wage complaints, and others), and Wage & Hour issues under both Federal and North Carolina law.

We help employers identify and promote the right policies to create the best work environment so that these problems can be prevented. If charges are filed, we bring decades of experience to your aid in defending the case, all the way through trial and appeal if necessary.

We help employees who have suffered illegal discrimination or harassment to find the right path to a resolution, through government agencies and the courts, if an informal resolution is not in the cards.

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