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When other attorneys wouldn’t give me the time of day… Bill listened, asked great questions, and looked at my situation from several angles. Bill was very straight forward and managed my expectations from the beginning – “Taking on Goliath” is not something to venture into without knowing the facts and measuring the costs which Bill guided me through. After investing great time in reviewing my case, Bill determined we had legal grounds to proceed and he agreed to take my case. Little did either of us realize how hard “Goliath” would fight. Six years later to include a federal district jury trial, a Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Oral Argument and briefing before the US Supreme Court, Bill never lost steam, he never left my side, and best of all he never lost his passion to represent me and the truth. Bill lent his incredible intellect to my case but even more importantly he gave my case what money cannot buy – his heart! If you don’t believe me… you can read my book and see for yourself what you get when you hire Bill Barrett to represent you. – Jim Dotson.

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