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Workplace Investigations & Employee Background Checks

As an employer, when serious allegations of misconduct in the workplace are presented, it is often smart to hire a third party investigator, with knowledge of the law and litigation experience, to find the facts, interview the witnesses and assess the claims.  Hiring Barrett law Offices to perform this critical task preserves the confidentiality of your investigation under attorney-client privilege, and leaves your regular outside law firm free to represent the company in any ensuing litigation.

We also perform the increasingly necessary work of background checks for new hires to your organization, whether they are rank and file employees or C-Suite executives, and whether your organization is a large company, a family looking for a nanny or steady babysitter, or a local sports league looking to verify the background of coaches.

In an increasingly litigious era, where suits for negligent hiring are common, why take the risk that the candidate you are selecting is not what he or she appears to be?

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Don't make a mistake when it comes to bringing new employees into your workplace. Rest assured with workplace investigations & background checks from Barrett Law Offices. Contact us today to get started!