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Traditional Labor Law Raleigh

The threat of a union organizing effort among a company’s workforce is an event that demands to be taken seriously and confronted with care and expertise.  Barrett Law Offices brings 25 years of experience, including prior work at the National Labor Relations Board, to bear on behalf of employers wanting to remain union free.  We offer advice and representation relating to building a work environment best suited to avoid union problems, initial card-signing campaigns, representation hearings before the NLRB, election campaigns, and the ubiquitous unfair labor practice charges that always accompany a union drive.  With years of experience litigating these issues before the NLRB and the courts, we can help you manage this process to a successful outcome.

If you are already in a relationship with a labor union, Barrett Law Offices also has experience with collective bargaining, and the grievance-arbitration process.  We offer serious help, and at a value price.

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