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Employment Agreement Assistance in Raleigh

Employment Agreements are a common tool in business to protect the rights of companies and employees in setting forth the terms of the relationship, including duties, expectations and compensation. If you need help in drafting an appropriate agreement, or in understanding and negotiating one that your employer has presented to you, we can help.

Barrett Law Offices has many years of experience in creating and interpreting employment agreements.  Often there will be a disagreement over language in the agreement after the relationship has ended.  This is especially true of post-employment obligations such as promises not to reveal confidential information of the company, or not to contact former customers or coworkers.  These disagreements frequently end up in court, if not resolved quickly.  We have the experience needed to help you resolve these disputes quickly, whether you are a company or a former employee, and the experience to manage the litigation process if they cannot.

About Non-Compete Litigation

Do you need an experienced Raleigh attorney to counsel you through creating appropriate employee agreement? Contact Barrett Law Offices today.